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Why Homework Should Not Be Banned: An Expert's View

Homework has been given out to students at school for the past decades. Not only does studying after school allow students to be better prepared for tests, exams and so on but it teaches them a wealth of life lessons that will further help them in their career. Below are some key reasons why after school assignments are important to one's education.

  1. Teaching time management skills
  2. Children or young adults are not just learning about math, English, history, etc. They are learning how to manage their time efficiently in order to get the best grades they can and succeed in a range of subjects at once. This is a valuable skill that most people need to acquire for future careers.

  3. Responsibility and self-discipline
  4. Do you know one child or teenager that would prefer to study after school rather than go out with their friends or play video games? I certainly don’t! As children grow, they are introduced to a number of life responsibilities. Self-discipline is something that everyone needs to learn, and this goes with responsibilities and prioritizing. Not only this but they will be accustomed to heavy workloads and deadlines set by their employers once they get into the world of work.

  5. Making up for lost time
  6. Often school hours are short and therefore teachers to not have time to cover every aspect of one subject. Assigning students with homework enables them to have a more in-depth understanding of what they are learning in school. In addition to this, they are set tasks to complete on their own making them more self-sufficient and able to understand future classes.

  7. Helps teachers plan future lessons
  8. By assigning students work to do at home, teachers are able to assess them on a more regular basis than just end of semester tests. This in turn gives teachers the opportunity to see where each individual student is in their study. Not only this, but teachers can provide extra help for certain students and also explain more complex areas of study more thoroughly.

  9. Teaches research techniques
  10. Through studying at home, students are able to learn how to use the internet. This sounds ridiculous, but for those wanting to progress through to university, for example, being able to use various research materials efficiently is very important. Learning about qualitative and quantitative research and also what a reliable source is will really aid them to progress in their academic career.

Homework is extremely important in the mental growth of our children. However, it is important to find a balance. All work and no play at a young age can really affect children’s development process. It is important they learn life skills through both academic and personal experience.